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StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows everyday people to invest and own shares in startups and early-stage companies.

Tytus3D develops a smart metal 3D printer, based on laser powder bed fusion method, which promises easy installation, easy operation and easy calibration.

MetroNet develops medical interview app based on clinical inference algorithm for self-medication, in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba faculty of medicine.

TeraDeep solutions combine machine-learning algorithms, cloud software, and embedded systems, enabling real-time visual scene understanding, content tagging, object detection and recognition.

Copper-Iron Alloys (CIAI)
CIAI supplies peritectic alloy of copper and iron as raw material for electromagnetic shield and other applications.

EpiPhotonics designs and manufactures efficient PLZT photonic components and subsystems for advanced optical applications.

Stratamet Thin Film
STF produces high quality industrial Parylene coatings for automotive, aerospace, medical, defense and electronics.

Smart Solutions
Smart Solutions is a Japanese startup providing enterprise solutions using smart phones and tablet PCs.

Rallypoint provides software and consumer services for Internet-enabled HDTVs and set-top boxes.

Enigma Semiconductor (acquired by Marvell)
Enigma Semiconductor is a leader in high performance, scalable packet-based switch fabric silicon optimized for use in the next generation enterprise and carrier applications.

LifeSec is a stealth mode medical electronics startup.

Serasus is leading the way to develop, utilizing its platform Bacillus technology, safe, highly effective, yet price competitive products for animal health care markets.

RealRead offers the only completely off-the-shelf software solution that converts Adobe Acrobat PDFs into a book-like formation for an easier and more natural online viewing experience.

Droplet Technology (acquired by Vivox)
Leveraging its unique and patented innovations in video processing and service platforms, Droplet enhances mobile video capabilities in communications services, business collaboration, entertainment, and social networking. Droplet was acquired by Vivox in March 2012.

Aprio Technologies (acquired by Blaze DFM/Tela Innovations)
Aprio was the technology leader in design-for-manufacturing solutions based on reconfigurable optical proximity correction technology. The company was acquired by Blaze DFM in February 2007. Blaze DFM was acquired by Tela Innovation in February 2009.

Moxair licenses image and video enhancement intellectual property that enables mobile handsets to display video with dramatically lower LCD and backlight power consumption.

TAK Imaging (acquired by Insilica/Aptina)
TAK Imaging was a leading provider of system-on-chip imaging solution for the photo printer market. The company was acquired by Insilica in August 2007.

MediaPhy (restarted as Piqqual)
MediaPhy is a fabless semiconductor company developing highly integrated monolithic ultra-low power mobile TV solution for the mobile handset market.

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Other Portfolio Companies